Caterer Diaries: Why I Decided To Start A Catering Business

Caterer Diaries: Why I Decided To Start A Catering Business

You know one of those houses that the door is always open and there's endless friends & family coming in and out throughout the day -every day- all day? That was the house I grew up in! 

Naturally, this was also the home I wanted to create when I moved out as there's honestly nothing more fun than hosting! 

It was a very random decision for me to start a catering business. I was well deep into my BA in Luxury Fashion Business & Marketing, when a friend (that came to many dinners at mine and my now husband's flat) suggested I will make food for a living! I laughed at first but then gave it a second thought and said - why not!

I then spent the next 6 months teaching myself EVERYTHING I could about boutique catering business. I read, cooked, explored, wrote, documented, discussed, consulted, explored anything and everything to do about the local industry and any piece of information I should know before I take that step and invest myself fully into the world of cooking.

To be completely honest, like many things in life, no matter how much you'll read, there's no better way to learn than with experience and the first year of business was a year full of lessons (but that's for another post).

So why, really I was drawn to the mad world of catering... 
Working with food is a great opportunity to tap into your creative side and let your imagination run wild. It's a chance to express yourself through the dishes you create and to share your culinary creations with others. It can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for anyone who loves to cook and be creative, so I knew if I'll do this for a living I will get to be creative every day! Sounds very fun on paper but all the above definitely comes with endless struggles and it can possible be one of the most hectics jobs (just watch any season of Below Deck and see how stressed the chefs there always get).

If you are ever thinking on starting a catering business feel free to comment below any question you may have and I will try my best to answer it! 


Stav xx

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