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Delivery Information

by Stav Gal


Delivery to the following postcodes – Free: NW7, HA8.


Delivery to the following postcodes – £8.00 delivery charge: EN5, HA7, N20, N2, N6, N21, N12, N3, NW4, EN4, NW6, NW2, WD23, NW3, WD6, NW11, N11, N10, NW9, HA1


Delivery to the following postcodes – £15.00 delivery charge: N19, N8, WD7, N4, W9, HA5, WD18, W1D, NW1, W1H, W1K, W1C, W1S, NW8, WD25, W10, NW5, NW10, N13, N14, N22, HA2, HA9, WD1, WD2, WD17, WD19, WD24, WD25


Delivery to the following postcodes – £25.00 delivery charge: HA6, W1H, AL1, AL2, W12, WD4, WD3, N1, W1J, N7, N9, N15, N16, N17, N18, W2, WC1, WC2, HA4, EN2, EN6, WD5, WD27


Delivery to the following postcode £40.00 (will be made using external courier company) – EN1, EN3, EN7, EN8, SE1, IG8


Deliveries in London outside the above postcodes
For big orders or corporate orders, we offer deliveries to the rest of London postcodes. If you wish to place an order for a postcode outside the above list, please email us to theartisancookery@gmail.com. 


Nationwide delivery
We offer deliveries of certain hampers and products across the UK. Please get in touch if you are interested in more details.


Please note
Our courier will attempt to deliver at the address provided within our delivery times. It is solely the clients responsibility to ensure that the intended recipient is available to receive the package on the day. Where there is no response at the address, the driver will attempt to deliver to a neighbour and call the number provided and notify of failed delivery. We are not be liable for failed deliveries due to the recipient not being in to take the order and do not offer any form of refunds in this case. We also cannot offer redirections/ redeliveries on the day.